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Our Association history

Our Association is partner of:

Radicalisation Awareness Network – RAN

European Network of Victims of the Terrorism.

our Association has been involved in:
UE Workshop on Support to Victims of terrorism: 29 September  2006 in Bruxelles

OSCE High Level Meeting on Victims of terrorism: 13-14 September 2007 in Vienna


UN symposium on supporting victims of terrorism – tin New York on 6th September 2008

Global Counter Terrorism Forum: Intervento di Aiviter a Madrid il 9 luglio 2012
The Global Counterterrorism Forum - GCTF launch officially in New York on September 2011 and the High Level Conference on victim of terrorism in Madrid on July 2012





In Italy, the years spanning from 1969 to the mid-1980s are conventionally defined as the “Years of Lead”. Some sources estimate the number of dead to be around 450 and the injured or disabled to be 4,529, with more than 12,700 internal acts of terrorist violence of various political matrices.
Memories of this turbulent period have faded with time and it is now almost forgotten among the younger generations. There is also a sense of annoyance and a misconception towards the dead and wounded, who were often servants of the state determined not to shirk their duty. By their acts, they allowed the institutions to survive, public opinion to mobilise and subversive plots to be overcome.
For these reasons, the injured and disabled, objective witnesses of momentous acts of which they themselves were the protagonists, in spite of bloody episodes, cannot be easily forgotten, nor can the many news items which, taken together, are now part of the social history of the end of the last century.

With the aim of protecting these victims, preserving the memory of the dead and studying the phenomenon of terrorism, the Italian Association of Victims of Terrorism and Subversion against the Constitutional Order of the State (AIVITER) was established in 1985 by the founding partners Maurizio Puddu, Giovanni Berardi, Adele Casalegno, Antonio Cocozzello, Severa Croce, Leone Ferrero, Mario Deorsola, Dante Notaristefano, Sergio Palmieri and Giovanni Picco.
The Association is a not-for-profit organisation with no wish to join the other existing union organisations in Italy. In fact, it proposes to “develop awareness and co-operation in promoting new moments of recognition and protection which can guarantee the rights, requirements and expectations of victims or surviving relatives”.
The Association works to ensure that victims are handed the title of “Victims of Terrorism”. So far, it has succeeded in having an initial law approved, No. 302 dated 20th October 1990, and then No. 206 dated 3rd August 2004 with provisions for the victims of terrorism.

Another institutional goal is to preserve the memory of the documents which contain values belonging to the whole community. With the aim of not allowing the historical memory of the events to dissipate, over the years, AIVITER has promoted initiatives for study and commemoration. University lecturers, magistrates and institutional and intellectual representatives have demonstrated their involvement, providing a precious contribution of ideas and support, by taking part in debates organised by the Association. Research has been published, educational exhibitions have been held and a website has been developed:

Finally, following institution by the Euro Parliament in 2004 of the European Day for Victims of Terrorism, AIVITER has developed relationships with international institutions (EU, OSCE and UNICRI) and with Victims of Terrorism Associations from other European countries, constituting a solid and useful network of collaboration.

Among the latest events are:
• the touring exhibition “Anni di piombo. La voce delle vittime per non dimenticare“ (The Years of Lead. The Voice of Victims not to be Forgotten), opened in 2008;
• creation of the documentary film on DVD and the multimedia hypertext on CD ROM entitled “VITTIME“ (Victims) in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture – Department of Cinema and Rai- Radiotelevisione italiana, presented on 9th May 2010 to the President of the Italian Republic.

A full details of AIVITER activity, year by year, is on line in Italian at: 


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